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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Best practice advice

Hi all,


I have just started at a new company in the IT department (I am the only person in said IT department!), and I have inherited as part of my role an IBM V7000 FC SAN along with an IBM Blade Chassis.  Now I have never worked with FC before (so apologises if some of my terminology is incorrect!) so I am basically asking for some best practice guidance if that is possible?


I have run on the environment the Brocade SAN health tool, which gave me loads of useful information as well as a very nice Visio diagram that explains how everything is connected together.


So basically I have 4 Fibre Switches; 2 Brocade 300 and 2 Brocade 5470 IO module switches.


As part of the IBM Blade Chassis there is a pair of Brocade 5470 IO Modules, which then connect externally to a pair of Brocade 300 series FC Switches.  From what I can see from running the health tool, each 5470 and 300 FC Switch are connected together using an ISL to form a single fabric.  So for example it is cabled like this:


5470 IOM Port 0 -----> 300 Port 22

5470 IOM Port 15 -----> 300 Port 23


I have done a quick overview of the deisgn in Visio: Design Overview


This cabling configuration is then repeated for the second 5470 and also for the second 300 series Switch, which forms a different fabric.  For the SAN, that is cabled to the 300 series Switch - 2 from each controller (4 8GB connections per Switch).


What I would like to know is if this follows best practice in terms of resilency and throughput?  After looking at the setup I was thinking that surely the whole setup should be meshed, so that both IOM Switches should have a connection into both of the 300 series Switch not just one?  Or is the current setup the best way of configuring this type of setup?


Many thanks in advance for any help given.

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Re: Best practice advice



you said you have 2 Brocade 300 and 2 Brocade 5470 so.

one Brocade 5470 should be connected to one Brocade 300 and second Brocade 5470 should be connected to second  Brocade 300. this way you make 2 fabrics , which is good for failover connection.

About ibm v7000 array , am sure it has 2 controllers each should have min. 2 fc ports.

lets say ContrA0 ContrA1 , ContrB0 , ContrB1.

And now you need  to connect that  controllers-ports to Brocades 300. For example

ContrA0 > Brocade300-1-port-0

ContrA1 > Brocade300-2-port-1

ContrB0 > Brocade300-2-port-0

ContrB1 > Brocade300-1-port-1

Switches should be in Nativ mode.

Lets say , in server you have hba with 2 ports , then one port should be connected to one Brocade and second port to second Brocade.

And you need to do Zonning



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Re: Best practice advice

You might want to have a look at a "configuration guide" which I assembled based on working with Brocade equipment for the past 15 years.


I'm sure you might run into questions but I can't answer them all in a simple manner. The matter of fact is that it is complex and some background storage networking knowledge is needed in order to make sense of a lot of things.


Let me know if something is unclear. I might adjust and/or elaborate on some topics.




Brocade Distinguished Architect.

Kind regards,
Erwin van Londen
Brocade Distinguished Architect The Fibre Channel blog

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