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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Benefits of 24k over the 12k

Besides allowing for a single domain, are there any other advantages to the Brocade 24k vs the 12k? I've been told that the backplane of the 24k was more advanced where port to port routing within the switch was faster than on the 12k. Can anyone verify this and if so point out some documentation stating so.

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Re: Benefits of 24k over the 12k

Rich,. port cards use new optical slider for ON/OFF control

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Re: Benefits of 24k over the 12k

It is my understanding that the chassis and backplane are identical. You can remove the 12K cp cards and port cards and replace them all with 24K cards, and reap the same benefits. So unless someone else knows otherwise, I would have to guess that it's the same backplane.

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