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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎07-21-2009

Addressing modes in FOS

I have a DCX8510-8 with six 48 port blades. The switch was originally configured with I believe Mode 1 or zero based addressing . The switch had 5 blades so everything was ok. Now 6th blade was added and the port count went to 288. Because of the 256 port restriction in this mode, some of the extra ports went into persistent disabled state since there are no more addresses available for them. The switch is also running virtual fabric so there is a logical switch in this director as well. Some of the ports are assigened to the logical switch. some ports are assigned to the logical switch and they are all online. The address mode as reported by configshow is "Address Mode 1". The question that I have is, what are my options to get this addressing mode fixed where I can use all the installed ports. Also, will the change be disruptive to the fabric.





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