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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Adding second switch to standalone 4900 swicth

I have a standalone 4900 . I need to ISL second one to it.. I have the second one setup with IP web access. What commands I need to run before connecting to the first switch. Do I need to run anything to the first switch or just plug the second one it..

From what I gathered so far ,  I got the following commands to run on the second switch , then plug it in to the first one.. Is this all what I need to run .



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Re: Adding second switch to standalone 4900 swicth

1. Domain IDs should be different. Set ididmode=1 as well.

2. Flow control parameters should be the same.

Run configure to ensure that this is correct. Gather flow control params from the old switch by running configshow. Once this is done, I beleive your ISL should work fine.

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Re: Adding second switch to standalone 4900 swicth

Also it's good if both switches are in the same firmware version, or at least in compatible versions, look at the release notes for FOS to see what versions of firmware your switch can support and connect to.

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Re: Adding second switch to standalone 4900 swicth

Bets practice is : upgrade the latest compatible FOS.Check the Licenses for trunking or Fabric License, if it is full fabric license or 2/4 domain license.

Log in as admin to the old sw and put configshow, check the fabric.ops parameters, copy to a notepad.

in the newSW, login as admin, set IP, Switchdisable, cfgdisable,cfgclear, configure, set the fabric.ops parameters same as old SW, chaneg the DID,switchenable, reboot the SW (not necessary), connect ISL cables one by one.see whether the SW is merged or not through fabstatsshow, fabricshow.

Then do a portstatsclear on new SW, portlogclear,then take a configupload of the new SW and old SW.

To remember download from google :SAN Migration guide

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