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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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7800 Upgrade License Activation

  Can I activate a 7800 upgrade license to take a switch from 4 to 16 FC ports, without disabliing, rebooting the switch or interrupting traffic?

One document says it won't take effect until its rebooted, another says I can if I use switch explorer advanced features.

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Re: 7800 Upgrade License Activation

I've installed around 4 week ago 2x 7800 and add Advanced Extention License after FCIP Ciruit was configured.

I must reboot both 7800 to activate new License.

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Re: 7800 Upgrade License Activation

Hi Brian,

contrary to the previous response, we were able to activate and use Advanced Extension license without reboot (on FOS 6.3) -- However we did have to bring down and restart the tunnel to apply advanced features.

Hope this helps,


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