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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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48000 switch into existing IBM SVC environment

Hello all, this is my second of the same first post . Let me give you a run down of our environment. We have a 2-node IBM SVCconnected to one IBM SAN140M with A DS8100, DS4500,DS4700, DS4800, and a DS4100. All adding up to arounf 56TB.

We bought a Brocade 48000 with two FC4-32 port blade. We can't really add the switch the way I would like because that would be way to much down time and work to change all of our host zone. I was thinking about using it as an Edge switch, but if I did that I was wondering how the zoning would work Or would I even need to zone? How many ports should I use so I wouldn't affect the traffic that is using the switch. I know i would probably use one blade each HBA for each host.

If you have other suggestions or questions let me know thanksfor the help


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Re: 48000 switch into existing IBM SVC environment


you have here exact a Vice-versa situation as Teoman, see follow threads.

In this case, you can add the 48000 in the existing envir. as Interop-Mode 2.

Both Directors must have a compatible FabOS and EOSc Release.

For exact detailsabout IM, refer the CLI guide.


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