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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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4 zones or 1 zone?

when zoning in a hba to the clariion with 4 sp ports, Is it recommended to do 4 separate zones to each sp port or will 1 zone and all sp ports work just fine?

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Re: 4 zones or 1 zone?

One initiator target is Brocades own recomendation, pag56

But adding the all 4 sp ports will probably work just as well.

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Re: 4 zones or 1 zone?


With single-initiator zones you should not have any problems, but I personally prefer single-initiator single-target zones. I find them better for troubleshooting porpuses. You'll create more zones, but I reckon that the environment will be more robust.

Morevoer, in the best practice doc provided by , in page 56, the manual states:

  • Create zones with only one initiator and target, if possible.

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