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3016 Upgrade problems fabosShowInit failed: 2?

I have a Brocade Blade Swicth slimwork 3016 firts its has firmware level 5.0.5c then was upgrade to 5.1.0c and its ok, but when i upgrade to

5.3.0d the firmware was loaded but when reboot i cant execute any command or see on the web

login as: USERID
USERID@'s password:
brocadessm:USERID> version
fabosShowInit failed: 2
brocadessm:USERID> firmwaredownloadstatus
fabosShowInit failed: 2

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Re: 3016 Upgrade problems fabosShowInit failed: 2?

Hi jmanzo

I assuming this 3016 is in a Blade Chassis.

Try this ( if you have an IBM blade chassis)

1. Go to the I/O mudule tasks and restart the switch module with "full diagnostics"

If that fails then try the following.


Login into your blade chassis management module , and go to I/O Module tasks.

Then find your switch module.

Go to the Advance configuration.

Then select the "Restore to Factory Defaults"

Good luck


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