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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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300 SAN switch

In our datacenter we currently have a fabric consisting of two Silkworm 4100 switches, and one 200 switch, all running FOS v6.1.0h.  We have run out of ports, and are looking to buy a 300 SAN switch to add into the existing fabric.  My question is, will FOS v6.1.0h run on the 300 switch, and are there any issues we might encounter adding the 300 into the fabric.  Thanks for any insight,  Rick

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Re: 300 SAN switch

The 4100 has an EOL date off 2007/10/31 and EOS date is 2012/10/31.

As for your B300, FOS6.1.0h is supported as far as i know.

Issues not really but that also depends on your config, but perhaps FOS 610h isn't supported anymore, I couldn't find whether its supported or not.

You might consider purchasing a 5100 or 5300 instead of a 300 te replace the older 4100.

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Re: 300 SAN switch


Brocade 300 supports V6.1.0h but most probably the installed FOS version on your new 300 will be above FOS v6.1.0h so you will have to downgrade.

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