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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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2800 merge/recovery

We picked up a second-hand 2800 to connect to our existing fabric. Unforunately we do not have the passwords to the switch, and the PasswordReset tool won't work because a merge fails with FABRIC-SEGMENTED (zoning conflict). But we can't clear the new switch without the passwords.

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Re: 2800 merge/recovery

There is nothing you can do if you don't have the root password.

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Re: 2800 merge/recovery

I wouldn't say that there is nothing that can be done. It is whether you can convice the people that you get your support from to do this. The password can be reset via special firmware. The only problem being you need serial port access to the switch as it boots up. I am sure you know there is not an external serial port on the 2800, but there is an internal one. There are support people out there that have the adapter for the internal serial port and can do this, it is a question of whether you can find one and pay them enough <!graemlin::)> Also it means switch downtime do to reboots and adapter connections.

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