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The New IP in Action: Stop by the Tech Pavilion at the 2016 Federal Forum

by swallo on ‎06-10-2016 07:04 AM (8,940 Views)

At Brocade’s Federal Forum, government and industry will come together to discuss how new, innovative technologies will change the way the federal government serves citizens and warfighters through network modernization and the concept of the New IP. Many of the conversations at Federal Forum will focus on the possibilities modernization enables, but what does this mean in action? What does the technology look like?


To answer these questions, keynotes, breakouts and panel sessions will be coupled with a series of demonstrations in the Technology Pavilion. The Technology Pavilion will showcase advancements in network management and data visibility and provide an interactive experience that can be tailored to fit specific interests and questions from visitors to the Pavilion. Those who attend can expect to explore various aspects of software-defined networking (SDN), network security, high-performance analytics technology and much more.


While a total of 15 demonstrations will be presented, we expect three of them to take center stage:


Simplifying Orchestration and Automation of Virtual Network Services: As federal IT environments become increasingly complex, network efficiency is more critical than ever before. Virtualized environments and emerging approaches, like SDN, support efficiency by increasing automation and reducing the need for human interaction on the network. Technology Pavilion visitors have the opportunity to witness OpenStack orchestration and automation and to see virtual network functions operate in conjunction with SDN controllers.


Securing Data in Flight with High Speed Network Encryption: Security applications traditionally degrade network performance, leading to frustratingly slow network speeds and occasionally even driving IT professionals to disable critical security functions. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. At the Technology Pavilion, experts will provide demonstrations to illustrate the best ways to transfer line-rate encrypted data using Suite B IPsec encryption between network architectures. This capability ensures data is safe, while also maintaining high network speeds.


Improving Cyber Security for Federal Cloud Architectures: Improved visibility into network activity is an important first step for bolstering security. By identifying abnormal network behavior, IT professionals can foresee potential security incidents and more quickly address issues. Demonstrations at the Tech Pavilion will illustrate how the enhanced network visibility and analytic capabilities of the Brocade core routing and switching platforms can improve your network architecture security.


To demonstrate these solutions, the Technology Pavilion integrates Brocade solutions with those of Brocade’s technology partners. The Pavilion will feature joint demonstrations from a wide-array of partners, including VMWare, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Harris, NetApp, RedHat and many more.


Interested in learning more? The Technology Pavilion will be open at the Federal Forum on June 14 starting at 7:30 a.m. For a preview of the other demonstrations at this year’s Technology Pavilion, visit:


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