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The New IP in Action: AFCEA Improves Network Flexibility, Security and Bandwidth

by Dale.Kowalewski on ‎08-16-2016 06:30 AM (12,151 Views)

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) plays an important role in the military community by creating a forum for defense and industry collaboration that helps identify effective technologies to support our service men and women. Like many organizations serving the public and private sector, technology plays a central role in meeting AFCEA’s goals and reaching its members.


With aging infrastructure based on proprietary standards, AFCEA recognized the need for a network upgrade. The organization had three primary network demands - greater network flexibility, heightened visibility and security, and, moving into the future, a higher bandwidth environment. To address these demands AFCEA partnered with Brocade to transition to a New IP network.


Flexibility was one of AFCEA’s first clear needs, met through open standards. By implementing an open standards-based network, the organization no longer has to worry about vendor lock-in and can modernize at its own pace. Open standards encourage innovation by allowing companies to create multivendor networks and take advantage of the best solutions for their specific needs.


AFCEA also sought an environment that offered comprehensive security and visibility. Legacy networks can be highly vulnerable to security attacks due to their static nature. Network visibility enables AFCEA to see inside its network and identify abnormalities that could suggest a security threat, allowing the organization to nimbly react to threats. This provides an important layer of security, as the perimeter grows increasingly complex and difficult to protect. Visibility also encourages better network performance by identifying potential network issues before they impact users.


Finally, bandwidth and the speed at which AFCEA could roll out new applications, were major considerations. The organization’s planned virtual desktop deployment, coupled with massive growth in their IP attached storage environment, weren’t supported by AFCEA’s constrained network. The upgrade provided the bandwidth required for the virtual desktop rollout, while also preparing AFCEA for future application and storage upgrades


With more data being created in the last two years than throughout the rest of history, increased bandwidth positions AFCEA to support digital transformation. In addition to the solutions that initially drew AFCEA to a New IP-based network, the new environment can scale and grow as the digital evolution progresses and new needs arise. When the time comes, AFCEA and other organizations with New IP-based networks can also activate the SDN capabilities. SDN will help organizations keep up with changing end-user expectations, while increasing productivity, protecting networks and maintaining service levels.


Brocade is a strategic partner of AFCEA, providing seamless installation of the network in just three days and offering training and testing for the implementation. Watch AFCEA’s video case study to learn more about their network needs and what a modernized network can accomplish:


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