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Solving the Defense Innovation Puzzle with AFCEA

by Phil.O.Reilly on ‎10-31-2016 11:44 AM (8,656 Views)

What do GPS, computers and duct tape have in common? Each of these inventions, at least two of which influence our lives daily, were created for the U.S. military, one of the world’s greatest drivers for innovation.


Organizations like the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) help the defense community stay ahead as a technology leader. The type of ingenuity that revolutionizes IT starts with people, problems and ideas. It’s an unavoidable reality that the defense community has problems to solve. AFCEA brings together the other two pieces of the puzzle – people and ideas – with some of the greatest minds from the military community, industry and academia. In turn this creates a platform to drive the next great invention.


With this in mind, Brocade Federal is looking forward to helping drive tomorrow’s defense IT innovation with my appointment to AFCEA’s Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. AFCEA serves the military community by creating collaborative opportunities that can help identify technologies to better support service men and women. As a part of the organization’s executive committee, there are great opportunities for pursuing these objectives – starting with digital transformation and the network.


Digital transformation is changing the realm of possibilities for today’s defense community. Big data analytics are making it possible to identify security abnormalities that previously would have gone unnoticed. Mobility can deliver actionable intel directly into the hands of the warfighter on the battlefield. The Internet of Things and wearable technologies are gathering enormous quantities of actionable data to help keep citizens safe. It’s no doubt an exciting time to support the defense community. However, new technologies create their own challenges. In this case, the problem for the defense community is the network - the data highway needed to support the traffic generated by these emerging technologies.


Brocade has a vision for tomorrow’s network, one that is suited for the traffic generated by digital transformation in defense. Visibility and automation drive the modernized network, making it possible to identify and address potential backups before they impact the delivery of critical information – like intel to the warfighter. Software-defined approaches to the network simplify management and increase flexibility and agility, allowing the defense community to rapidly apply changes to the network that can improve performance and security. The best part is that these technologies are already available today, putting defense in a strong position to take advantage of digital transformation and the next IT breakthrough.


Brocade has taken a leading role in putting this innovation into action at AFCEA. Just earlier this year, Brocade upgraded AFCEA’s aging network with modernized infrastructure that offered greater flexibility, heightened visibility and security, and a higher bandwidth environment. AFCEA’s new network is prepared to support future demands by activating software defined networking (SDN) capabilities when the organization is ready.


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