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Federal Partner Kickoff 2016: Paving the Way for the New IP

by jmuscare ‎01-11-2016 09:11 AM - edited ‎01-11-2016 09:14 AM (11,449 Views)

On December 3, the Brocade Federal Team joined forces with our strategic partners for the 2016 Federal Partner Kickoff. In collaboration with industry colleagues from VAR, Eco-System, and FSI communities we discussed Brocade’s direction for 2016, as well as upcoming trends in federal networking technology. Here are a few key takeaways from the event:


Phil O’Reilly: The Importance of Network Modernization


Phil O’Reilly, CTO at Brocade, kicked off the conversation with a discussion about the importance of network modernization. The New IP, an industry term for an innovative approach to networking that is software-enabled, user-centric and based on open standards, provides more than just a simple network architecture. Rather it is a standard of principles that are critical to the efficiency of federal agencies.


According to O’Reilly, some customers are hesitant to transition to the New IP because they believe they will have to start from scratch, throwing everything away to be replaced with new technology. This ideology is not true! Brocade can deploy the New IP step-by-step, in a non-sequential order because of its openness and programmability, making it a real solution for aging government IT networks. Steps include implementing a multivendor network, moving to open standards, virtualization through NFV and SDN, deploying Ethernet fabrics, and leveraging alternative acquisition models such as network as-a-service.


Together with our partners, Brocade is committed to providing federal customers with a roadmap to modernization in 2016 and beyond.


Harry Ault: Digital Disruption and the New IP


During the Kickoff, Harry Ault, VP of Global Partners at Brocade highlighted new opportunities for networking in 2016.


Disruption in the private sector is at an all time high. Businesses like Uber, Apple, Airbnb, and Amazon are pioneering massive changes and heightening competition within their industries through the use of new and innovative technology.


Likewise, Brocade is positioned to be a critical disrupter in the IT space. With mandates such as the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, the government understands the need to modernize, but in many cases they are lacking the tools to do so. Brocade and our partners are prepared to help agencies make the transition to a new network architecture relying on open standards.


Paul Stephenson: Best in Class Partnerships


Paul Stephenson, Federal Field CTO at VMware joined us to discuss the best in class solutions enabled through the VMware and Brocade partnership. Simply put, VMware’s software applications run better on Brocade Ethernet fabrics.


Stephenson illustrated the power of this partnership through Brocade and VMware’s work to support the California Department of Water Resources. The two companies teamed up to provide the agency with NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform, and deployed it with a Brocade hardware underlay. This collaboration enabled the agency's employees to help California residents and businesses manage one of the longest droughts in the state's history through faster deployment of applications that are driving more effective management and conservation programs.


2016 and Beyond


Network innovation is surging forward, surpassing aspirations and ushering in a new era of possibilities. Agencies must decide whether or not they are ready to embrace the New IP, and when they are, its clear that Brocade and our partners are ready to guide the way.


If you missed this year’s Federal Partner Kickoff or would like to view one of the presentations, please contact Lissa Walline.