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Accelerate Your Agency and Increase Efficiency through a Software-Defined Data Center

by swallo on ‎05-18-2016 06:50 AM (11,329 Views)

Technological advances in all areas across the federal government have changed the way agencies work and interact with citizens. For government agencies to keep pace with technological innovation, network modernization and a transition away from hardware-centric data centers must be a top priority.


Hardware-centric legacy data centers were not built to keep pace with the needs of modern IT and make provisioning new technology slow, expensive, and error-prone. This hinders innovation in the era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data and may even lead employees to turn elsewhere for services when delays and other issues prohibit productivity.


California’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) is one example of an organization that was prohibited by its legacy networks and found a solution through a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). Challenges managing data center security policies and enabling efficient network provisioning negatively impacted DWR employees’ abilities to quickly access the applications they needed to do their jobs. The challenges faced by DWR are all too common in agencies across the federal government, as well.


DWR successfully addressed its challenges thanks to a SDDC built on virtualization and software-enabled, user-centric and open standards-based networking technologies known as the New IP. SDDCs offer an approach to simplifying, automating, and scaling agency infrastructure and operations in the data center, including compute, storage and network resources.


New IP-based networks allow for evolutionary change, meaning government agencies’ IT systems can be easily modernized, leveraging the gains made with server virtualization and storage virtualization. These networks are crucial in the SDDC as they connect resources inside the data center and then connect the data center to the cloud


Brocade is leading the way in enabling these advances by delivering solutions that help government agencies realize the promise of the New IP. With Brocade’s flexible IP fabrics, the industry’s first SDN controller built from open standards and a virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) for load balancing and traffic management, New IP networks can handle the complex data traffic federal agencies and organizations like DWR deal with everyday.


Recently, Brocade joined forces with VMware to deliver a complete vision of a virtualized, software-driven, automated, and highly scalable data center that is ready for the cloud. The combined offerings of VMware and Brocade and use of SDDCs allowed DWR to provide end users with the efficiency they needed. Through VMware’s network virtualization platform and Brocade’s physical network infrastructure, DWR employees were able to help California residents and businesses manage severe drought through faster deployment of applications.


Government IT investments in the data center will be maximized through Brocade and VMware’s partnership by supporting the requirements of a SDDC. See how Brocade and VMware can help your federal agency.


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