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FY17-18 FC SAN Events - Europe, Middle East and Africa

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Events Schedule: EMEA 2018


2018 EMEA Events



May 10th Storage Roadshow Istanbul, Turkey
May 14th 18th IBM TechU London, UK
May 17th SAN Roadshow Kiev, Ukraine
May 24th Hif's Warsaw, Poland


June 5th 6th Fujitsu TAP Days Hannover, Germany
June 5th SAN Roadshow Sankt Petersburg, Russia
June 7th Hif's Zurich, Switzerland
June 12th 13th Fujitsu TAP Days Fichtenheim, Germany
June 12th Hif's Bern, Switzerland



3rd – 5th  

NetApp Insight  Barcelona, Spain

2017 EMEA Archives




Brocade Education Day   Prague
 10/9/2017 IBM Z Technical University  Munich
10/17/2017 Brocade Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Geneva
10/24/2017 DELL EMC Realize Forum Frankfurt


 11/6/2017 IBM Power Systems System Storage TechU  Prague
 11/8/2017  Fujitsu Forum  Munich
 11/21/2017  DELL EMC Realize Forum  Paris
11/8/2017 Brocade SAN Road Show Tel Aviv
11/13/2017 NetApp Insight Berlin
11/16/2017 Brocade SAN UserGroup Workshop Stockholm
11/21/2017 Storage Symposium Vienna
11/23/2017 Fabric Vision Workshop Johannesburg
11/28/2017 HPE Discover Madrid
11/28/2017 DELL EMC Realize Forum London


12/5/2017 Fabric Vision Workshop Reading
12/6/2017 SAN Club Moscow
12/7/2017 SAN Roadshow Copenhagen
12/14/2017 BrocadeSAN Road Show Munich

2018 Archives



Feb 15th 2018 Fujitsu Storage Day Vienna, Austria
Feb 20th 2018 Fujitsu Storage Day Munich, Germany
Feb 22nd 2018 Fujitsu Storage Day Innsbruck, Austria
Feb 22nd 2018 SAN Roadshow Hannover, Germany
Feb28th 2018 Hitachi Information Forum (HIF)  Munich, Germany


Mar 6th 2018 Hitachi Kakushin Brussels, Belgium
Mar 7th 2018 Hitachi Information Forum (HIF) Vienna, Austria
Mar 14th 2018 SAN Roadshow Utrecht, The Netherlands
Mar 14th 2018 SAN Roadshow Minsk, White Russia
Mar 15th 2018 SAN Roadshow Brussels, Belgium
Mar 21st 2018 SAN Roadshow Moscow, Russia
Mar 21st 2018 SAN Roadshow Tel Aviv, Israel


April 3rd 2018 SAN Roadshow Almaty, Kasachstan
April 5th 2018 SAN Roadshow Astana, Kasachstan
April 16th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Zurich, Switzerland
April 17th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Ehingen, Germany
April 18th 2018 SAN Roadshow Tashkent, Uzbekistan
April 19th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Frankfurt, Germany
April 20th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Munich, Germany
April 23rd 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Vienna, Austria
April 24th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Leipzig, Germany
April 24th 2018 SAN Roadshow London, UK
April 25th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Duesseldorf, Germany
April 26th 2018 IBM Trainer Sessions Hamburg, Germany
April 26th 2018 SAN Roadshow Geneva, Switzerland
April 26th 2018 SAN Roadshow Istanbul, Turkey

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