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2018 Fibre Channel SAN Events - Asia, Pacific and Japan

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2018 Events Schedule: Asia, Pacific and Japan








Aug 1-3

Singapore HPE Reimagine Event Singapore

Aug 7

Malaysia Hitachi Vantara Data Center Next Event, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Aug 7-9

IBM ANZ System Tech University, Sydney Australia

Aug 8

Bangladesh Customer Event, Dhaka Bangladesh

Aug 10

IBM APAC Storage Launch, Sydney Australia

Aug 14

Fabric Vision Workshop, Auckland New Zealand

Aug 15

Fabric Vision Workshop, Wellington New Zealand

Aug 16

China SAN Mini-Roadshow, Guangzhou China

Aug 17

Singapore Hitachi Data Center Next Event Singapore

Aug 21

Australia HPE Reimagine Event, Melbourne Australia

Aug 23

China SAN Mini-Roadshow, Chongqing China

Aug 24

Fabric Vision Workshop, Adelaide Australia

Aug 28

Dell Technologies Forum, Sydney Australia
Aug 29  India Customer Workshop, Hyderabad India
Aug 30 Japan Customer Workshop 1, Tokyo Japan


Sep 4-5 Singapore Customer Workshop Singapore
Sep 6 Japan Customer Workshop 2, Tokyo Japan
Sep 7 India Dell Tech Forum, Mumbai India
Sep 11 India Dell Tech Forum, Hyderabad India
Sep 12-14 China Dell EMC Tech Forum, Changsha China
Sep 13  Taiwan HPE Reimagine Event, Taipei  Taiwan 
Sep 14 Hong Kong Customer Event Hong Kong
Sep 14 Korea Mini SAN Roadshow, Daejeon Korea
Sep 14 Singapore IBM F1 Storage Event Singapore
Sep 18 China East Regional FSI  Storage Seminar, Shanghai China
Sep 19 India Dell Tech Forum, Delhi India
Sep 20 India Customer Workshop, Mumbai India
Sep 20 China South Regional Account Workshop, Guangzhou China
Sep 25 India Dell Tech Forum, Bangalore India
Sep 26 - 28 NetApp India Partner Summit, Amritsar India


Oct 2 Thailand Dell Technologies Forum, Bangkok Thailand
Oct 3 - 4 India Tech Day, Mumbai India
Oct 5 - 6 India Tech Day, Mumbai India
Oct 9 Thailand Customer Event, Bangkok Thailand
Oct 11 Korea Customer Event 1 Korea
Oct 12 Huawei Connect 2018 Shanghai, China
Oct 12 Hong Kong HPE Reimagine Event Hong Kong
Oct 15 CIO Forum, Mumbai India
Oct 16 Korea Customer Event 2 Korea
Oct 30 Korea Dell Technologies Forum, Seoul Korea


Nov 27 Singapore OpenGov Breakfast Roundtable Event  Singapore


Dec 11 NetApp Innovation 2019 Japan


Past 2017 Events - Archive Only

Archives 2017





Aug 15 Malaysia “Brocade Modernize Your SAN for Flash Storage” Event (Dell EMC), Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
Aug 15 Australia Dell EMC Forum, Sydney Australia
Aug 15-17 Australia IBM Tech Symposium, Melbourne Australia
Aug 21-23 India Dell EMC Tech Summit, Hyderabad India
Aug 24 Taiwan IBM RemixIT Forum Taiwan
Aug 22 China SAN Tech Club Meetup Event, Beijing China
Aug 25

Japan SAN Seminar, Osaka – Aug 25

Aug 31 Japan Target Account Workshop (IBM/Hokkaido Electric Power) Japan
Aug 30-31 APJ HPE Reimagine Yes Summit Singapore
Aug 30 - Sep 1 Japan Dell EMC Tech Summit, Tokyo Japan


Sep 5 -7

Huawei Contect Conference, Shanghai

Sep 7 - 9

EMC China East CIO Conference, Changbaishan

Sep 08

Dell EMC CIO Forum, Mumbai

Sep 08

Japan SAN Seminar, Kasumigaseki

Sep 11

Malaysia IBM System Z Roadshow

Sep 12-14

China Dell EMC Tech Summit, Beijing

Sep 12 - 22

India Dell EMC Forum Series: Mumbai; Delhi; Hyderabad; Bangalore

Sep 13

India Dell EMC Heroes Partner Program, Mumbai

Sep 14

Singapore IBM System Z Roadshow

Sep 16

Australia Government Roundtable (Captains Dining Rugby), Canberra

Sep 16

Korea Dell EMC Classic

Sep 17-21

APJ HPE TME Event - APJ Master ASE Conference - Bangkok

Sep 19 Indonesia IBM System Z Roadshow Indonesia
Sep 21 Thailand IBM System Z Roadshow Thailand
Sep 22 Hong Kong Customer Workshop Hong Kong
Sep 25 Philippines IBM System Z Roadshow Philippines
Sep 27 SAN China North Regional Storage Tech Worpshop, Jilin China
Sep 26-29 Malaysia Dell EMC Tech Summit, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Oct 3 Dell EMC Heroes Partner Program, Melbourne Australia
Oct 13 Target Account Workshop Hong Kong
Oct 16 Customer Tech Day for Target Account Hong Kong
Oct 17 Hong Kong Dell EMC Forum Hong Kong
Oct 18 SAN China Top Service Provider Seminar, Beijing China
Oct 18 SAN China Target Account Seminar, Beijing China
Oct 20 SAN China East Regional Storage Tech Workshop, Shanghai China
Oct 24-26 HDS Yearly Partner Summit, Hobart Australia
Oct 24 Taiwan Dell EMC Forum  Taiwan
Oct 26 Korea Brocade Customer Seminar (with Kimidata & Hankyul) Korea
Oct 26 SAN China South Regional Storage Tech Workshop, Shenzhen China
Oct 27 Fabric Vision Workshop Bangalore; Mumbai; Delhi India
Oct 27 SAN Champions Club, Delhi India
Oct 31 Malaysia Fabric Vision Workshop, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Oct 31 Hong Kong CIO/Executive Customer Roundtable Hong Kong





Nov 1-3 Dell/EMC Public CIO Conference, Yinchuan


Nov 2 Thailand Fabric Vision Workshop, Bangkok Thailand
Nov 7 Australia Dell EMC Champions Summit, Sydney Australia
Nov 8-9 Australia Dell EMC Tech Summit, Sydney Australia
Nov 9-10 Future of Technology in Financial Services Conference, Sydney Australia
Nov 15 Brocade NetApp Joint Customer Seminar, Hong Kong Hong Kong



Dec 5

Indonesia Fabric Vision Workshop, Jakarta Indonesia
Dec 5 India CIO Roundtable, Mumbai India
Dec 6 India Dell EMC Enablement, Mumbai India
Dec 6-9 HDS CIO Summit, Shenzhen China
Dec 13 Hong Kong HDS Customer Seminar Hong Kong
Dec 15 HDS Content Solution Conference, Chengdu China
Dec 15 China East Region Public/Enterprise Fabric Vision Workshop, Shanghai


Dec 15 NetApp East Region Custmer Event, Yichang


Dec 20 Dell EMC All Flash Customer Event, Tsingtao


Dec 21 NetApp IC & FSI Customer Event, Xi'an


Dec 22 China South Region FSI Fabric Vision Workshop, Guangzhou


Dec 22 SiChuan/Chongqing FSI Fabric Vision Workship, Chengdu 


Dec 26 Taiwan Customer Workshop (Land Bank) Taiwan

2018 Archives



Jan 5 Korea Target Account Customer Workshop Korea
Jan 12 Hong Kong Brocade Customer Event Hong Kong
Jan 12 China SAN Tech Club, Beijing China
Jan 12 Fabric Vision Workshop, Chennai India
Jan 12 Korea Channel Customer Program with Kimidata Korea
Jan 16 China Director User Group Meetup, Beijing China
Jan 18 Korea CXO Workshop Korea
Jan 18 Dell EMC MIT Customer Workshop, Kunming China
Jan 23 Taiwan Customer Workshop (CHT Mobile) Taiwan
Jan 25 Hong Kong Brocade Fabric Vision Workshop Hong Kong
Jan 26 Japan Dell EMC Flash Storage Seminar Japan
Jan 30 Indonesia Hitachi Vantara Advantage Roadshow, Jakarta Indonesia


Feb 06 India Tech Day with BSNL, Chandigarh India
Feb 23 Australia SAN Roadshow, Sydney Australia


Mar 2 Fabric Vision Workshop, Melbourne Australia
Mar 6  Thailand HPE Enduser Event, Bangkok Thailand
Mar 7 Taiwan IBM Storage Conference, Taipei Taiwan
Mar 8

China Hitachi Vantara Advantage Roadshow, Chengdu

Mar 13 China Central Government Customer Storage Workshop, Beijing China
Mar 14-16 Australia Cloud & Data Centre Summit, Gold Coast Australia
Mar 15 China Hitachi Vantara Advantage Roadshow, Shanghai China
Mar 15 China New Data Center Technology Workshop, Beijing China
Mar 15 Korea Target Customer Workshop with Hankyul Korea
Mar 22 Korea Target Customer Workshop with KIMIDATA Korea
Mar 22 China East Region CIO Workshop, Shanghai China
Mar 22 China Hitachi Vantara Advantage Roadshow, Shanghai China
Mar 22-23 Huawei 2018 Ecological Partner Conference China
Mar 23 Singapore Hitachi Vantara DBS Customer Workshop Singapore
March 27 China NetApp Partner Academy, Shenzhen China
Mar 29 China CPIC Target Account Workshop, Shanghai China
Mar 29 NetApp Partner Academy, Shanghai China


Apr 3 Indonesia HPE Hybrid IT Summit 2018, Jakarta Indonesia
Apr 4 China Director and Automation User Group Workshop, Beijing China
Apr 12 China NetApp Innovation Forum, Beijing China
Apr 13 Taiwan HV Advantage Roadshow, Taipei Taiwan
Apr 16-17 IBM z14 Asean Road show, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Apr 18 India 3-City SAN Roadshow, Delhi India
Apr 18 China NetApp Partner Academy, Chengdu China
Apr 18 Fabric Vision Workshop, Sydney Australia
Apr 19 India 3-City SAN Roadshow, Bangalore India
Apr 19 Korea SAN Roadshow, Seoul Korea
Apr 19-20 IBM z14 Asean Road show, Singapore Singapore
Apr 20 India 3-City SAN Roadshow, Mumbai India
Apr 20 Australia SAN Roadshow, Melbourne Australia
Apr 23-24 IBM z14 Asean Road show, Jakarta Indonesia
Apr 24 China East Region FSI Automation workshop, Shanghai China
Apr 26 Hong Kong SAN Roadshow Hong Kong
Apr 26-27 IBM z14 Asean Road show, Bangkok Thailand


May 10 Automation Live Webcast India
May 15 Fabric Vision Workshop 1, Canberra Australia
May 17-18  Japan Fujitsu Forum, Tokyo Japan


May 10 Live Webcast Brocade Automation India
May 15 Fabric Vision Workshop 1, Canberra Australia
May 17-18  Japan Fujitsu Forum, Tokyo Japan


Jun 6  Vietnam HPE All Flash Roadshow, HCMC Vietnam
Jun 8 Dell EMC - Brocade Joint CIO Roundtable, Delhi India
Jun 14 Fabric Vision Workshop, Sydney Australia
Jun 14 China SAN Roadshow, Shenzhen China
Jun 19 Vietnam HPE Hybrid IT, HCMC Vietnam
Jun 21 Thailand HPE All Flash Roadshow, Bangkok Thailand
Jun 21 China SAN Roadshow, Shanghai China
Jun 26 Philippines HPE All Flash Roadshow, Manila Philippines
Jun 28 China SAN Roadshow, Beijing China
Jun 28 Korea Target Account Workshop (Hankyul), Seoul Korea


Jul 3 Malaysia HPE All Flash Roadshow, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Jul 4 Korea Target Account Workshop (Kimidata), Seoul Korea
Jul 5  Hong Kong Target Account Workshop 1 (HKJC) Hong Kong
Jul 5 China SAN Roadshow, Chengdu China
Jul 6  Singapore HPE All Flash Roadshow Singapore
Jul 11 Indonesia Hitachi Vantara Data Center Next Event, Jakarta Indonesia
Jul 11 HPE Storage Roadshow, Colombo Sri Lanka
Jul 11 Fabric Vision Workshop, Perth Australia
Jul 11 India Infosys Tech Day, Bangalore India
Jul 12 China SAN Roadshow, Hangzhou China
Jul 13 Taiwan SAN Roadshow, Taipei Taiwan
Jul 18 HPE Storage Roadshow, Dhaka Bangladesh
Jul 19 Thailand Hitachi Vantara Data Center Next Event, Bangkok Thailand
Jul 19-20 Australia SAN Roadshow, Canberra Australia
Jul 20 Korea Customer Event (Samsung Group), Seoul Korea
Jul 20 Hong Kong Target Account Workshop 2 (CLP) Hong Kong
Jul 24 India Target Account Workshop (IOB), Chennai India
Jul 25 India Target Account Workshop (IB), Chennai India
Jul 25 India End Customer Workshop (HDFC, Veritas), Mumbai  India
Jul 26 China Southwest TechClub, Kunming China
Jul 26 China East TechClub, Suzhou China
Jul 26 China SAN Mini-Roadshow, Tianjin China
Jul 27 Korea Customer Event (SK Group), Seoul Korea
Jul 27 India End Customer Workshop (Idea Vodafone), Pune India
Jul 31-Aug 3 Hitachi Vantara ASEAN CIO and Partner Leaders Forum, Bali Indonesia


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