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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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wan link between two bigiron rx

We have a 1G private WAN link between our datacenters using bigiron rx8 running OSPF. Are there any pros/cons if we configure the IP address directly to the ethernet port where the link is directly connected versus using a VE interface?  I understand using VE interface require more configuration but I'm more concerned of performance, does the VE have more processing resources compare to a single physical ethernet port?

Example Configs Below:


Using VE interface:

interface ethernet 1/48

vlan 10 name siteA_wan

  untagged ethe 1/48

  router-interface ve 10

interface ve 10

  ip ospf area

  ip address


Using physical ethernet port:

interface ethernet 1/48

  port-name siteA_wan

  ip ospf area

  ip address

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Re: wan link between two bigiron rx

I have never seen any real or suggested performance issues related to using a vlan/ve versus a physical port.  I guess if you had a switch that was near 100% memory or cpu utilization this might be remote possibility.

I can say that I have assigned an ip address to an ethernet port thinking I would only ever need one port only to end up needing more ports later.  Now I always use a vlan and ve even for only one port.  This gives you greater flexibility for future needs and helps prevent some downtime later on if you ever need more ports.

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Re: wan link between two bigiron rx

This question is more appropriate for the Ethernet Switches and Routers forum:

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Re: wan link between two bigiron rx

Hi bigiron,

Like said, this question would be most suitable in the Ethernet Switches and Routers Forum. I have moved your discussion thread there.

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