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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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vrf for IPv6

I have a set of new Brocade CER 2024F routers.

I like the management port, as I happen to have a /64 statically routes through another ISP that I will happily use as

management network.  To seperate out things, I'd have liked to put the management interfaces into a seperate VRF, but apparently

this isn't possible with 5.0, my sales engineers says maybe with 5.1.

What I did instead was to put everything else into a VRF called core.  Well, but it seems that I can not do this for IPv6.

Or at least I do not know how:


br1(config-vrf-core)#show vrf

Total number of VRFs configured: 2

Status Codes - A:active, D:pending deletion, I:inactive

Name                 Default RD      IFL ID  vrf|v4|v6 Interfaces

core                 10:10           131070   A | A| I e1/13 lo3            

management  131071   A | A| I                      

  address-family                Enter Address Family command mode
SSH@br.(config-vrf-core)#address-family ?
  ipv4   IPv4 address Family

Is this a known limitation?   If so, it means I really can't put any ports into an IPv4 VRF is I intend to run IPv6 on the port as well.

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Re: vrf for IPv6

Hi mcr,

      Please check BGP to see if you have got IPV6 running their.

NetIron# show ipv6 bgp peer-group peer1

1 BGP peer-group is pg1, Remote AS: 65002

Description: device group 1

NextHopSelf: yes

Address family : IPV4 Unicast

Address family : IPV4 Multicast

Address family : IPV6 Unicast

I can see an example using IPV6 in a VRF when adding PIM routing

NetIron(config)#vrf blue

NetIron(config-vrf-blue)#rd 11:1

NetIron(config-vrf-blue)#address-family ipv6

NetIron(config-vrf-blue-ipv6)#router pim

NetIron(config-pim-router)#ipv6 router pim vrf blue


So there must be a way to do this. (This info was found in the V5 config guide)

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Registered: ‎08-25-2010

Re: vrf for IPv6

What does having BGP on for IPv6 have to do with anything?

I have IPv6 running, and yes, BGP too.

SSH@br1(config-vrf-blue)#show chassis
*** NetIron CER 2024F ***
SSH@br1(config-vrf-blue)#show version
System: NetIron CER (Serial #: P1SA12F01T,  Part #: 40-1000365-04)
License: ADV_SVCS_PREM (LID: rGucGHhFGv)
Boot     : Version 5.0.0T185 Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Compiled on Apr 19 2010 at 17:28:20 labeled as ceb05000
(443151 bytes) from boot flash

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