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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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vlan-group command help


We are using an mlx for our core switching, with a large number of access switches trunked too it. We have a large number of existing vlans eg 1-700 and constantly adding new access switches off the mlx.

Everytime i setup a new interface on the mlx the process of tagging 700 vlans is painful..


interface ethernet 2/30
port-name access sw20



vlan 2

tagged ethe 2/30

repeat from next 700 vlans.

I have tried the vlan-group command


vlan-group 1
Add-vlan 2 to 700

but the command wont work for existing vlans..

Pls help

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Re: vlan-group command help


Yes that is correct - you get an error message when the VLAN already exists.

From the config guide - If a VLAN within the range you specify is already configured, the CLI does not add the group but

instead displays an error message

This means that you need to removed all the vlans frist then you can use the group commands - this can be done very though Ironview if you have that.

If you do not then suggest you create excel spreadsheet to form the commands then ave as text then cut and paste.


no vlan 2

no vlan 3


no vlan 700

then the group commands.



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