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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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vlan and trunk

Hi Everybody,


I'm new user for Brocade products and also now im confused,


i have 2 SW brocade i want to creat Vlan on SW (A,B) from port 45 to 48 in SW A and B , theses A,B connected BY fiber optic througe 1/2/1 and i want to creat trunk so vlan on A can connect Vlan on B. I understand the ISO commands deffrint than Brocade Commands.




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Re: vlan and trunk



you post in wrong Forum, and the question is not clear enough.


I moved the Topic temporarely from User Discussion to Ethernet Switch & Routers Forum.


I would suggest to post more details and specified the Switch Name / Type, Firmware release etc... so is most probable anyone can help you with you inquire.


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