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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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using sflow on a LAG

I notice in the documentation that to enable sflow forwarding on a LAG interface I would use the following commands:


device(config)# lag blue static
device(config-lag-blue)# deploy
device(config-lag-blue)# sflow forwarding ethernet 1/3/1

I am working in a production environment so I don't want to just make changes without knowing the results.  If I want to enable sflow on multiple interfaces in the LAG do I just run the sflow forwarding command for each interface or is there a command that will enable sflow for the entire LAG? I could not find the solution in any searches and I don't have a lab at the moment that I can test in.








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Re: using sflow on a LAG

Hi Walter,


CAn you tell me what product you are using?




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