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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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upstream and downstream port

I am looking for the router/switch,it will be installed at data center.I will use it to supply the internet access service.


The upstream port will connect to large ISP,the downstream port will connect with network of local communication company,and end-user connect to network of local communication.


I found your cer2024 has 24 of 1G ports and 4 combination of 1G sfp ports,2 of optional slot for 2*10G xfp uplink.


What differen between  xfp port and sfp port,RJ45 port and sfp port?


I am not sure the 4 combination of 1G sfp port mean: 1 port of combination of 4*1G ports or 4 ports of 1G port?is it downstream link or upstream link?


Does  the 2*10G link need extra fee ?

Can I use 2*10G xfp uplink as one 10G upstream port and another one 10G downstream port?


Is it easy to update the cer2024 to 2024-4x ? how much to update?









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Re: upstream and downstream port

this questions are best suited for brocade sales dept.


you can reach them at:


1-888-BROCADE or 1-408-333-4300


you can also try:



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