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upgrade the ICX6610 8 10G ports


        Recently,i want to upgrade the ICX6610-48p-PI  8 10G ports with trial license .i have two trial license ,one for four ports, i copy one license into the switch, four ports succed upgrade to 10G .but  when i copy the other license to the switch ,a warning appears :

“Can't add the license string - 210 (BETTER_LICENSE_EXISTS) ”.that is only one trial license can exist in the switch.later,i receive another normal license,at this time ,i can copy  two license into the switch(one for trial,and one for nomal).but there still only 4 ports  can upgrade to 10G .when i show license  there are two license exist in the switch:

ICX6610-48P Router(config)#show license

Index      License Name              Lid          License Type    Status     License Period  License Capacity 

Stack unit 1:

1          ICX6610-PREM-LIC-SW       dnrHKGFjFFH  Normal          Active     Unlimited                  65535

2          ICX6610-10G-LIC-POD       dnrHKGFjFFH  Trial           Active     45         days            4

PS: the version of the switch is fcx8000a.

So ,anyone can help me with this problem?

thanks !

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Registered: ‎09-03-2013

Re: upgrade the ICX6610 8 10G ports

any one can help me please !!!!!!!

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Re: upgrade the ICX6610 8 10G ports

Hi chenbin1,

I believe that you can only add the temporary trail POD key to get the initial 4 ports. You cannot have one normal POD and then add the temporary POD key for a total of 8 ports.  I am working to get this confirmed but I'm afraid this might be expected behavior and the only work-around for the total of 8 ports is to have 2 normal PODs.

Please stay tuned!

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