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system-max spanning-tree 254

We have an urgent change request  to make it to night. we need to increase  the STP on a Brocade device  to 128.   I played with Cisco since 2009 ( my Team too)  but new to Brocades and I am very cautious as the devices are in Productions.



We need to increase the STP on BR1 and BR2  ( Failover is configured)  to 128

BR1- has 37 VLANS  and BR2 has  36 VLANs ( just ignore the extra VLAN at the moment !)


As BR1(config)# system-max spanning-tree 128  can affect the devices globally,  We need to hear  the technical opinions of the forum about the sort of  impact (if any ) we may run into ?  


of course  we are going to apply the command "at one Router at a time " and we have the back up too but the devices live in another country than the one we are in!!! ,  I believe it is worth asking it.









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Re: system-max spanning-tree 254



Just setting your system max value for spanning tree to 128 should have minimal effect on your switch, there should be plenty of resources to accommodate this.


It is also worth knowing that to change this value you need to write mem and reload.


There is some further information on displaying and modifying these values in the following links




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