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sx800 link-aggregate imbalance

howdy All,


So I am running an sx800 connected to a cisco via 2x10G ports. on this set of boxes I have both ports in the lag and everything is working great. Both ports are in the lag and load blancing is working great.


group B is the almost the exact same setup. Cisco to sx800 but using 1G links, and it is not load blancing across both link.  I dont think there is a config to change the hashing algorithm. 


Everything I see on both side is configured the same way.  running sx code Version 07.3.00gT3e3


Any Ideas why this is occuring.


GigabitEthernet1/1 is up, line protocol is up 

300 second input rate: 152358752 bits/sec, 24618 packets/sec, 15.62% utilization
300 second output rate: 4032 bits/sec, 5 packets/sec, 0.00% utilization

GigabitEthernet1/2 is up, line protocol is up

300 second input rate: 159448408 bits/sec, 21404 packets/sec, 15.28% utilization
300 second output rate: 633028672 bits/sec, 60738 packets/sec, 64.27% utilization

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