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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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ssh connection closed

Hi, I have one question


I configured ssh in B/B(Mlxe-8) and A(ICX6430-24) and B(ICX6430-24)


ex) A--------------B/B-------------- B


A -> B/B ssh connection success


B -> B/B ssh connection success


outside -> B/B ssh connection success


A-> B ssh connection success


but, B/B -> A, B ssh fail with connection closed message


also BirIron-RX8 can't find ssh command.





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Re: ssh connection closed

Hi Kim,


Have you tried to SSH to the ICX swtches from outside? Can you share the config of the 3 switches?


Regarding BigIron, To configure Secure Shell on a device, do the following.


1. Generate a host DSA public and private key pair for the device.

BigIron RX(config)# crypto key generate


2. Configure DSA challenge-response authentication or Password authentication


Please let us know how you get on




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