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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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routing ploicy


By default brocade uses exchange based policy, as the result we can't see same transfer rate across the trunk link.  Can we configure to use policy based routing? ( like to achive to share the trunk bandwidth equally across all the trunk link.) if so please let me know how to do it.


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Re: routing ploicy

Exchange based routing is the default in 4/8 Gbps SW, DLS is enable d by default.I will suggest not to chnage it. You do not need to see the data flow same accross all the ISLs. SW has its intelligence to route the frame through FSPF.

But still then if you want to change it you can do it thorugh CLI ---aptpolicy-- see help aptpolicy , and you may change ur mind. also this is the only change you can do it through CLI only not through GUI.Admin log in is required for the same.

if you find this answer helpful, pls make it correct

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