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possible issue with arp and VRRP-E?

I have an MLX and a cer-2024 setup with vrrp-e to provide redundancy of a subnet with a Cluster of firewalls. The firewalls themselves are in an HA cluster and work fine however.

under most cirmcum stances i cannot ping or access various sites when Im running through the MLX. when i fail it over to the cer it work perfectly. I have tried changing roles and it follows the mlx. Im running 5.4d on the mlx and 5.0 on the CER.

I have reconfigured the setup using standard vrrp as well and it follows the mlx. I have wiped out the config completely and only have a minimal config on the mlx and still follows the mlx. Is there any known vrrp/arp issues with 5.4d? Can anyone tell me?


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Re: possible issue with arp and VRRP-E?

hi sir

if you share the configuration we can see the problem if there is.

but i can suggest you to try after entering this command : no ip icmp redirects



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Re: possible issue with arp and VRRP-E?

Thanks for the recomendation. I just set it up with another cer-2024 and its working fine. So it has something to do with the configuration on the MLX. I will see if i have redirects enabled or not.

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