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port forwarding (nat outside?)


I am using serveriron adx and I am clear how to use the inside nat (NATting addresses from the "inside" network to a global address pool) but is there a similar way to configure opposite - outside nat?

ie. I have internet IP range (and interface in that network is set up with "ip nat outside" flag) and internal network (setup with "ip nat inside" flag) and I want to NAT tcp to so any connection attempts from the internet to will be forwarded to the port 22 on the internal host I would expect to have some command like "ip nat outside destination ..." (analogically to existing "ip nat inside source...").

I am sure I could achieve that configuring real server and virtual server and binding port 10022 on virtual server to 22 on real server but that's loadbalancing configuration - I would expect some way related purely to NATting and not just exploiting loadbalancing configuration for that.

what is the best practice for this?

thanks for any clarification,


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Re: port forwarding (nat outside?)

Hi Steve,

     I beleive the only way to do this on an ADX is too do it via the VIP/Real Server bindings.

     Also for ADX you should be posting into the ADX forum @



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Re: port forwarding (nat outside?)

thx Michael!


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