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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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per-packet for ECMP on MLXe?


Hey, quick question for ya... Running the newest 5.4 code for the MLXe's, how does the MLX load-balance for OSPF based ECMP paths? per IP src\dest? per packet? What command would I use to confirm this? Also, how would I manipulate this? Just wanting to definitively know which link's are being used for communication between hosts that are both up and downstream from the MLX's...

Thanks for your help!

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Re: per-packet for ECMP on MLXe?

moved your inquiry to the correct location...


Mike Eversole
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Re: per-packet for ECMP on MLXe?

Hi Schmeg,

ECMP Load sharing is based on a combination of destination MAC address, source MAC address, destination IP address, source IP address, and IP protocol.  Hashed and not per packet, same if true for all vendors doing ECMP in L3. (Brocade do have a frame based LB for L2 with their VDX products on ISL's) though this is not available for MLXe's.



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