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per-packet LAG

Has anybody ever setup a per-packet LAG on a CES before? I  found the commands to do so in the Netiron config guide but they don’t  seem to be recognized. I also tried to find it in the menu of the CES  but I don’t see it.

I am using a Dynamic LAG, so it should work?

From page 404 in Netiron config guide-

Configuring load sharing type

Individual LAGs can be configured to perform load sharing over the ports in the LAG using either a

hash based or per packet method, as shown in the following.

NetIron(config)# lag blue static

NetIron(config-lag-blue)# -type hash-based

Syntax: -type hash-based | per-packet  *doesn’t take this command*


This configuration is only applicable for configuration of a static or dynamic LAGs.

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Re: per-packet LAG

Hi jscott,

     I beleive per packet LAG is only for MLX/XMR and not supported on CES/CER.  Only Hash is used on CES/CER.

     Note : Per packet is listed as supported for MLX/XMR BUT not listed for CES/CER in the config guide - page 276 of config guide R5

Supporting Multi-Service IronWare Unified NetIron R05.0.00

Thanks Michael.

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Re: per-packet LAG

This is correct....I checked on one of my MLX's today and it was available.

I found a work around today for what I was trying to do.


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