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password recovery fails

I have a VDX 6710 that I am trying to access.  Admin password was not documented.

I've followed the instruction for password recovery several times, but it always get stuck after logging in with root.

It doesn't log into the switch command, but instead is logged into the linux kernal.  

I'm at the sh-2.04# commmand line.

Issueing the noscli command does nothing.

I've tried to see if I could find and remove the config and restart to a clean one, but nogo.

I'm not a linux guy and have not worked with brocade before.  So far I'm not a fan.

I've tried to find a solution on and off the brocade site, but nothing so far.

Any suggestions?

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Re: password recovery fails

[ Edited ]

Have you followed this link. From what I can tell you should be at step 10. Pay close attention to step 11. Best of luck

Recovering the root password for Brocade VDX 67xx platforms: Detailed procedure

Use this procedure if you do not have access to the root account.

To reset the root password to its factory default value on a Brocade VDX 6710, VDX 6720, or VDX 6730 switch, and then set a password for the admin account, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the serial console port of the switch.
  2. Manually reboot the switch.
  3. When prompted to stop test or stop AutoBoot, press ESC.
    If the ESC key is not effective during reboot, turn the power off and back on, and then try again. If the ESC key is still not effective, check the serial console cable. If the cable is connected correctly, then the unit must be returned for service or repair.
    The Boot PROM menu is displayed with the following options:
    Start system Used to reboot the system. Recover password Used to generate a character string for your support provider to recover the Boot PROM password.
    Use this feature only when directed by technical support personnel.
    Enter command shell Used to enter the command shell to reset all passwords on the system.
    Checking system RAM - press any key to stop test
    Checking memory address: 00100000
    System RAM test terminated by keyboard
    set_bootstatus: BS_LOAD_OS, platform_idx = 6
    Hit ESC to stop autoboot: 0
    1) Start system.
    2) Recover password.
    3) Enter command shell.
  4. Enter 3 at the prompt to open the command shell.
  5. If prompted, enter the Boot PROM password and press Enter.
    The Boot PROM has a password only if one has been defined.
  6. Change the "OSLoadOptions=quiet;quiet" setting so that the switch boots into single-user mode, by entering the following at the prompt: setenv OSLoadOptions "single"
  7. Enter the printenv command to verify the change.
    => printenv
    LoadIdentifiers=Fabric Operating System;Fabric Operating System
         (output truncated)
  8. Enter the savenv command to save the changes.
    => saveenv
    Saving Environment to Flash.....Done
  9. Enter the boot command with no parameters to bring up the device in single-user mode
    => boot
    Map file at LBA sector 0x17da68
    ## Booting image at 00400000 ...
         (output truncated)
  10. Enter the mount command with the following parameters to remount the root partition as read/write capable.
    sh-2.04# mount -o remount,rw /
    EXT3 FS on hda1, internal journal
  11. Mount the secondary partition.

    If the previous command returns hda2, then use hda1 in this command. If the previous command returns hda1, then use hda2.

    sh-2.04# mount /dev/hda2 /mnt
    kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
    EXT3 FS on hda2, internal journal
    EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
  12. Enter the passwddefault command to reset the root password to the factory default value.
    sh-2.04# /sbin/passwddefault
    For Network OS, the passwddefault command restores the passwords of factory default accounts to their default values and removes nondefault user accounts that are present. The nondefault user accounts will be restored later in this procedure.

    Any additional user accounts remain intact.

  13. Reset the OSLoadOptions parameters to "quiet;quiet."
    sh-2.04# bootenv OSLoadOptions "quiet;quiet"
  14. Reboot the switch by using the reboot -f command.
    sh-2.04# reboot -f

    Traffic flow resumes when the switch completes rebooting. If you do not use the -f option, you must reboot the switch manually.

  15. Log in as root to the switch by using the serial interface or Telnet. Use the default root password (fibranne).
  16. Start the Network OS command line.
    switch:root> noscli
    WARNING: The default password of 'admin' and 'user' accounts have not been changed.
    Welcome to the Brocade Network Operating System Software
    admin connected from using console on switch
  17. Enter global configuration mode.
    switch# config
    Entering configuration mode terminal
  18. Use the following syntax of the username command to reset passwords for the admin or user accounts, or for any other nondefault users.
    username account-name password new-password

    The following example resets the admin password to the default value of "password."

    switch(config)# username admin password password
  19. To restore the nondefault user accounts, perform the following steps:
    1. Copy the running-config to a file.
      switch: copy running-config flash://running-config.cfg 
      2012/07/09-11:51:21, [DCM-1108], 4930, INFO, VDX6740, Running
      configuration file has been uploaded successfully to the remote location.
    2. Copy the default-config to the startup-config, to reset the startup-config.
      switch# copy default-config startup-config
    3. Reboot the switch.
      switch# reload 
      Warning: Unsaved configuration will be lost. Please run ’copy
      running-config startup-config’ to save the
      current configuration if not done already.
      Are you sure you want to reload the switch? [y/n]:y 
      The system is going down for reload NOW !!
    4. Copy the file saved in Step 19a to the running-config.
      switch# copy flash://running-config.cfg running-config 
      2012/07/09-12:08:13, [DCM-1105], 5456, M2, INFO, VDX6740, Copy of the
      downloaded config file to the current running-config has completed
      successfully on this node.
    5. Copy the running-config to the startup-config.
    switch# copy running-config startup-config


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Re: password recovery fails

Hi there.


I have a brocade vdx 6710 that i dont have the admin and root password for.

I do have the boot prom password.


When i follow the password recovery guide, everything goes well until i get to the passwddefault command.


The system responds with  "Failed to get passwd entry"


Any idea how to get the passwords reset ?




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Re: password recovery fails



Have you tried the root default password "fibranne". This password is usually left unchanged.




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