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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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new to foundry


i have done CCNA and have managed a lot of cisco switches and routers. my new employerr is using foundry siwthces (EdgeIron 4802 cf at access layer and Foundry FastIron 800 at corre).. i have been tasked to manage it.


i am new to foundry.


could someone recomend any video training that should help me with it ?


initaly i need to configure VLANS  .. 


in particular i would like some foundry commands to do below.


on 4802cf i will need to create a trunk port (port 48) and allow only few vlans.

then assing othe ports to few vlans (say vlan 24 28 29 40)


how is trunk port configured ?

how are ports assigned to vlans ?


there is a dearth of info about foundry ..


i know it has been acquired by brocade .. so what is th ios of these foundry switches ? and any cbt for them ?


what is brocade equivalent to those above swithces and how much differnce can i expect ?




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Re: new to foundry

To create VLAN in fastIron use the below command in L2 mode.



telnet@switch>conf t

telnet@switch(config)#vlan 10

telnet@switch(config-vlan-10)#router-interface ve 10

telnet@switch(config-vlan-10)#untag eth 1/2/10   -- you have to untag or tag one of the switch port to add the VLAN IP address


telnet@switch(config)#interface ve 10

telnet@switch(config-vif-10)#ip address


To create a trunk, use the following command.


telnet@switch(config)#lag switch1 static

telnet@switch(config-lag-switch1)#ports ethernet 1/1/48

telnet@switch(config-lag-switch1)#primary-port 1/1/48



Add the tag port to the VLAN 10


telnet@switch(config)#vlan 10

telnet@switch(config-vlan-10)#tag eth 1/1/48



telnet@switch#wr mem








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Re: new to foundry

EdgeIron is a slightly different animal than the modern FastIron, being quite old I would suggest it's time to upgrade.


Code wise the latest version appears to be, released in December of 2010. Code versions before were different, so you should check what version is on it.


Ignoring that part, here is the Foundry EdgeIron User Guide (December 2007)


As far as the FastIron 800, I do not have exeperience with it,

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