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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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network hiccups often

I recently tried adding a switch to another switch as a new stack by enabling stack mode and running the secure setup wizard. However as soon as I did I started seeing a loop in the network as people were dropping pings left and right. I quickly canceled out of the wizard and disabled stack mode. I even disconnected the stacking cables. No one is connected to the new switch.

Since then however I am seeming hiccups in the network. If I'm RDP-ed to a system it will disconnect every once in a while. This is across many systems. If I run a ping trail every once in a while I'll drop 4 or 5 in a row before it's stable again. I've looked at the port counters and don't see any in or out errors or discards recently.

any idea how to troubleshoot something like this?

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Re: network hiccups often

Are you still having this issue? If so what switches are you using?

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