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need help getting ServerIron XL working in test environment

I am trying to setup a ServerIron XL FBS24/GIG SX  (running  version 07.3.07aT12) to load balance 2 Windows Server 2008 web servers. This is in a test lab. I have a setup a virtual network on my VMware ESXi 4.1 host. There are 2 Windows Server 2008 web server VMs and 1 Windows 7 VM connected to the network. I have connected 1 physical NIC to this virtual network. I have connected my ServerIron XL to this NIC.
I am able to access the web page on either of the web servers (http://<hostname>).  I can do this from the Windows 7 VM on my virtual network as well as my computer on my primary network. My primary network is connected to the virtual network with a Vyatta  Router and Firewall virtual appliance.
I get timeouts when I attempt to connect to the virtual server. This happens whether I use the name or IP address

below is output from some commands I found. These seem to me to indicate that the ServerIron is working, however, I never get a page back.

ServerIron#show server bind
Virtual Server Name: QAVIRTUAL,   IP:
        http -------> QAWEB04:,  http (Active)
                      QAWEB05:,  http (Active)


ServerIron#show server sessions

Avail. Sessions      =     524279  Total Sessions       =     524288
Total C->S Conn      =          4  Total S->C Conn      =          0
Total Reassign       =          2  Unsuccessful Conn    =          0
Server State - 1:enabled, 2:failed, 3:test, 4:suspect, 5:grace_dn, 6:active

Real Server     State   CurrConn    TotConn TotRevConn   CurrSess   PeakConn

QAWEB04          6          0          2          0          0          1
QAWEB05          6          1          2          0          3          2

ServerIron#show server virtual
Virtual Servers Info

Server Name: QAVIRTUAL       IP :    :   1
Status: enabled  Predictor: least-conn  TotConn: 4
Dynamic: No     HTTP redirect: disabled
                Intercept: No
ACL: id =   0
Sym: group =  1 state =  1 priority =   0 keep =  0 dyn priority/factor =   0/  0
Activates =    0, Inactive= 0
Port    State     Sticky  Concur  Proxy      CurConn   TotConn   PeakConn

http    enabled   NO      NO      NO               1         4          2
default enabled   NO      NO      NO               0         0          0


Here is my configuration (from 'show run'):

Current configuration:
ver 07.3.07aT12
server real QAWEB04
port http
port http url "HEAD /"
server real QAWEB05
port http
port http url "HEAD /"
server virtual QAVIRTUAL
port http
bind http QAWEB04 http QAWEB05 http
vlan 1 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port
enable telnet password .....
ip address
ip default-gateway
ip dns domain-name pmcorp.corp
ip dns server-address
logging facility syslog
no telnet server
no snmp-server
snmp-server community ..... rw
clock timezone gmt GMT+05

Thanks in Advance,


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