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mirror port bigironrx 16

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Hi All,


From BigIron-Rx 2.9 configuration guide it is stated that maximum outbound traffic to be mirror is limited to 8 only port, but my customer already have 23 with both direction and no warning shown. How this is effect the system? is it only the first configured port that will be mirrored, or the system choose it randomly?


And if I use PBR to mirror the traffic in VE, how this rules/limit will be applied?


I know that this already an old product, that only last less than a year before EoL, so any help I would really appreciate.


Many thanks in advance,

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Re: mirror port bigironrx 16



Just to be clear, RX can have up to 8 active mirror ports "not monitored" for outbound traffic.


Could you please provide the output of the commands below to have a better understanding of how things are configured?


show monitor config


show monitor actual


Also, have you noticed an unexpected/undesirable behavior in the collected data?




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