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mac address table is blank?

Hi, when I run the command show mac address table, it returns no mac addresses which is abnormal...

swd77#show mac-address-table
Total MAC addresses   : 0

below is the command I run a few days ago which is correct:

swd77#show mac-address-table
VlanId   Mac-address       Type     State      Ports
1        0005.1ede.0c03    Dynamic  Active     Te 0/7
1        0005.3326.641f    Dynamic  Active     Te 0/4
1        0005.3326.6df3    Dynamic  Active     Te 0/5
1        0005.3326.6e4f    Dynamic  Active     Te 0/6
Total MAC addresses   : 4

any idea? the switch is brocade 8000.

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