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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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Hi all,

I have 2 MLX in MCT.

In each MLX I have multi-vrf configuration

What I need to do now is an inter-vrf configuration.

I have 6 vrf and I wish some of them import routing information from others.

I' m not in a Service provider topology but in a Datacenter topology multitenant

where a couple of customers are join togheter, and I need their vrf can communicate each other.

I've not found any exaustive configuration to study but only few commands

Any of you has a sample of it ?



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Re: inter-vrf

The Brocade NetIron 5.4 configuration Guide has a fairly detailed section on "inter-vrf". See the link below:

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Re: inter-vrf

Hi bdominic,

thanks for your reply. I' ve a question.

Vrf a  (int: e1, e2)

routes:  x.x.x.0/24  n-hop via e1

             y.y.0.0/16  n-hop via e2

Vrf b (int: e3, e4)

routes:  z.z.z.0/24  n-hop via e3

Now I import the routing table from vrf a to vrf b.

Vrf b:

routes  x.x.x.0/24  n-hop via ??

            y.y.0.0/16  n-hop via ??

            z.z.z.0/24  n-hop via e3

If the interfaces e1 and e2 are only accessible by vrf a, what interfaces (se the question mark) will be used by vrf b when  I ' ve imported the routing table from vrf a ?      I need to create aninter-vrf-link between vrf a and vrf b ?

Thanks in advance


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