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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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icx 6450 configuration

i am new to brocade switches. please let me know how to check the ports are working fine for icx 6450-24p.  i am using putty. but is not working. its get hanges at the middle. trying to connect to teh second time its says unable to conect to com1.

please advice

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Re: icx 6450 configuration

Be sure you are connecting to the correct console port on the switch itself. Also check (if using windows) that your COM port # is correct. Are you using a USB serial adapter? Go to "Devices and Printers" and check what COM# it has been assigned. If you are using straight serial, you need to make sure you are using the correct COM# in device managment.

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Re: icx 6450 configuration



Yes i am using windows. its connected using usb to serial adapterr. the port is com1. i am able to open in putty. in putty when i enter "?" for commands its scroll for sometime and then gets hanged. on reopening the putty its says unable to connect to com1.


is there any other terminal other then putty. can i open in browser. what is the default ip of brocade switch icx 6450


i need to check the ports are working for brocade switched icx 6450. please let me know the commands

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Re: icx 6450 configuration

you can try teraterm

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Re: icx 6450 configuration

I know such problems.
It is related to the usb-serial adapter.
The best solution is a device with built-in serial interface ....
Please remove all usb-serial driver.
I have deleted the driver with a tool. A part of "COM Port Redirector Plug & Play" named  "portmap.exe" by the german company "W&T " (free download).
Then I have the usb-to-serial adapter reinstalled with the latest drivers and it works fine.



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Re: icx 6450 configuration

I have seen this issue with a variety of problematic usb serial adapters.


I have never had issues with the USA-19HS that I have been using for 5+ years.


Be sure you're using the proper serial settings as well (9600, 8, none, 1, x-off).


Which version of code are you using? Is this switch part of a stack or mixed family stack?


Out of the box telnet is the simplest way to initlally connect to the switch. From there if you like youcan set the management port ip address and then you can access the web interface if you like.


- Jonathon

Jonathon Lorek
Brocade Systems Engineer - Great Lakes Region

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