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icx-6450 Need Equivalent Commndd

Hi all,

           Please provide  the equivalent brocade command for Icx6450 for the below cisco commands.

no service udp-small-servers

no service tcp-small-servers


ip options drop

ip cef


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Re: icx-6450 Need Equivalent Commndd


no service udp-small-servers and no service tcp-small-servers

     Answer - Cisco disables both from IOS 11.3 by default - no need to disable in Brocade as they are no implemented                     nor needed      

ip options drop

     Answer - I do not know if a simalur command for Brocade

ip cef

     Answer - Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) is well a Cisco only thing.

Think you need a newer Cisco Harding guide.



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