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icx 6450 24p loose power until unplugged for 5 mins



New to the forum here, I have 2 icx 6450 24p's that will loose power one to three times a month.  In order to get them back up I have to unplug them, wait 5 mins, then plug them back in.  After that they fire right up with no issues, they are currently running at two completely seperate locations with around 15-20 WAP's at each location.  Each closet is relatively clean and has a dedicated AC unit as well.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: icx 6450 24p loose power until unplugged for 5 mins



Can you provide the software version you are running? Are you setting the power limit on the interfaces? Are you setting a power class? Do you have cdp enabled so the switch can determine the power needs? Can you provide the show power inline output?



Bill Hadley

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Re: icx 6450 24p loose power until unplugged for 5 mins

I have one (1) ICX-6430-48P  (The layer-2, 48 Port POE) and it does the same thing once in a great while.  The others on the same rack ... same power source are fine.



We find it is usually after a storm whereby the UPS it is on does not filter sufficiently.  It will be plugged in, receiving power, but off like a brick.  Remove power... wait about 15 seconds then plug it in and it fires right up.  I see no reason why you need to wait 5 minutes.


Pretty sure this IS the exact same issue you are experiencing, and it is NOT a software issue... but it has done this only twice in the past year or two.  Not enough to make us panic.



That said if this is the same issue, it is absolutely a hardware NOT a software issue.

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Re: icx 6450 24p loose power until unplugged for 5 mins

We've experienced this as well - usually associated with brown outs or momentary power failures in which the power comes back on in a moment. I don't think it's IOS related, rather some sort of protection circuit in the power supply that triggers and has to be allowed to bleed off. And it has happened here on switches conected to surge suppressors as well. The only solution I've found so far is a UPS that conditions the power - which can be cost prohibitive if you have a lot of distributed switches.

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