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Hello, I have a DS300B switch. After struggling with Java, the security file, advanced options, etc.. I'm now able to log in to this switch. But when i click on the 'Advanced Management' option I get the 'page cant be displayed' error. I guess its trying to get to I'm pretty sure the "advanced Management' option is where I need to go to update zoning so its important that I can get this to work. I'm using Firefox.  IE flat out doesnt work.  Thanks...

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Re: page cant be displayed when using the 'Advanced Management' option

Hello again, I got it to work. Here's a list of my setup:


downloaded / installed jre-7u51-windows-i586.exe (I now have 6.31 installed and 7.51 installed. )

change the file entry to < 256

in the java control panel security tab - security level to medium

and edit site list added:

http://xx.**filtered**.xx.**filtered**/switchExplorer.html  (this is how I get to the Advanced Management instead of clicking the button in the gui)


advanced tab - clicked 'disable verification'

I need to use Firefox although I have a coworker who can use IE. He might have an earlier version of IE. I have IE 11.


Hope this helps others. Thanks.


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