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how to install L3 License on Brocade 7250 Switch

How to install L3 license file on ICX 7250 switches and also want a sample config for VLANS and interVLAN Routing

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Re: how to install L3 License on Brocade 7250 Switch

Hi Balajis,


1) Installing a license using TFTP.

The L3 premium license of our ICX7250 switch can be upgraded by 2 ways, TFTP, SCP(Secure Copy).

But, Customer and channel engineer most using TFTP upgraded.

The upgrade procedure of the L3 premium license is as state below :


Use TFTP to copy the license file from a TFTP server to the license database of the Brocade device.
ICX7250-switch# copy tftp license lic.xml


And them, After L3 premium license complete, Use the "show license" command to verify that the license is installed on the device.


2) VLAN and InterVLAN Routing.

The VLAN and InterVLAN Routing sample configuration is as follows :


vlan 10 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/1
router-interface ve 10

vlan 20 by port
tagged ethe 1/1/2
router-interface ve 10
interface ve 10
ip address
interface ve 20
ip address





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