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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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how to configure routed port ICX 6450



I'm new to brocade could someone advise on how to configure a routed port on a ICX6450, still in cisco world.



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Re: how to configure routed port ICX 6450

first you need to make sure the device is running a router image.

then assign an IP address to the interface ( port )

or configure the interface to a vlan that is supported by VE interface that handle routing for the vlan.


If the interface ( port ) is configured with ip address, you will see it in the output of show ip interface

If the interface ( port or ports ) is part of the vlan, check the vlan config to see what is the router-interface for the vlan, that VE should also show up in the output of show ip int.





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Re: how to configure routed port ICX 6450

Any ICX 6450 runs on a Layer 2 code by default. First, change to layer 3 code by issuing following commands:

Switch#boot system flash secondary

You don't need to go within the "conf t". You can issue the command directly.

Switch#wr mem (save the configuration permanently)


After reboot, you will have "Router" code running, which is actually stored on secondary flash of the switch.

Then, issue the following commands:

Router#conf t

Router(config)#int eth 1/1/1

(Assuming that you want to configure IP Address on RJ-45 Ethernet 1, of first switch in a stack) 

Router(config-if-e1000-1/1/1)#ip address A.B.C.D/CIDR

It is also assumed here that eth 1/1/1 is not a part of any vlan in the "router". Save the configuration and you are done.

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