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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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how to add static ARP entry on trunk port ?

hello, we are experiencing strange problem with disappearing ARP records on FCX 648 (firmware 7202e).

we'd like to add ARP records statically, however syntax only allows to assign ARP to "ethe" port, not to trunk.

dynamic arp record can be assigned to trunk (couple of ports)

telnet@r22-4#sh arp
No.   IP Address       MAC Address    Type     Age Port           Status
1    0015.17b5.0218 Dynamic  0    1/2/4*2/2/4   Valid

is it possible to assign static ARP to trunk ?

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Re: how to add static ARP entry on trunk port ?

did you try adding this entry for all member ports of trunk? it may work.
you also can  edit aging for arp.
To globally change the ARP aging parameter to 20 minutes:

ip arp-age 20parameter specifies the number of minutes and can be from 0 through 240. The

default is 10. If you specify 0, aging is disabled.

hope this helps

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