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Ethernet Switches & Routers

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gre tunnels and tcp adjust-mss 1360

 I have a situation where we need to setup some GRE tunnels on our CER routers to a remote site and they require changing the mtu to 1470 which is not a problem however they also want the mss set to 1360. I dont see this option on NetIron OS Ver 5.4.

My limited understanding of changes the mss Is so when the initial syn--syn-ack of a tcp session occur they will always send the smaller value in communicating.

 Without this it will have to negotiate from source to destination again and increase the cpu load to some extent because of this process. Is this correct and is there a way to change the mss for a gre tunnel?

Any help is always appreciated!

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Re: gre tunnels and tcp adjust-mss 1360

It's not in 5.4, you need to upgrade to 5.6.


Here's a short link: Tunnel MTU changes



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