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fluctuating Fan Speed on ICX 6610 - Urgent Please

On an ICX 6610 we have detected an has a fluctuating  fan speed the show chassis output is below , it would  be great if any body can look deeper into this issue and advice me accordingly, I also diagnosed that the two fans in the PSUs are not rotating as well (is this an error), the datacenter tempreatire is at around 25-26C

The stack unit 1 chassis info:

Power supply 1 (NA - AC - Regular) present, status ok
Power supply 1 Fan Air Flow Direction:  Front to Back
Power supply 2 (NA - AC - Regular) present, status ok
Power supply 2 Fan Air Flow Direction:  Front to Back

Fan 1 ok, speed (auto): ]<->2
Fan 2 not present

Fan controlled temperature: 51.5 deg-C

Fan speed switching temperature thresholds:
        Speed 1: NM<----->80       deg-C
        Speed 2:       75<-----> 87 deg-C (shutdown)

Fan 1 Air Flow Direction:  Front to Back
MAC 1 Temperature Readings:
    Current temperature : 48.0 deg-C
CPU Temperature Readings:
    Current temperature : 50.5 deg-C
sensor A Temperature Readings:
     Current temperature : 28.0 deg-C
sensor B Temperature Readings:                                   
        Current temperature : 39.0 deg-C                         
sensor C Temperature Readings:                    

         Current temperature : 26.5 deg-C                         
sensor D Temperature Readings:                                   
        Current temperature : 24.5 deg-C                         
stacking card Temperature Readings:                              
         Current temperature : 51.5 deg-C                         
        Warning level.......: 84.0 deg-C                         
        Shutdown level......: 87.0 deg-C                         
Boot Prom MAC : 748e.f894.44ea                                   
Management MAC: 748e.f894.44ea  
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Re: fluctuating Fan Speed on ICX 6610 - Urgent Please


From the show chassis output you provided above, doesn't look like there is any issue.

The highest temp that the system is seeing is 51.5degC and there is 30degC of margin before the fans kick from low speed to high speed. If you are seeing the fan speeds change then by looking at the log info should be able to confirm that with more details. However, note, it is not unreasonable to have the fan speeds change as a function of operation and environment. The system should print a message when it changes fan speed in auto mode. The important messaging to look for are the warning message and the shutdown message.

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