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fastiron gs 648p, vlans and dual mode

Hi guys,

I would like to put a computer in two vlans ( 10 & 20). My network card (computer) is compatible 802.1q. I installed the latest drivers.

the computer is in VLan 10 port 47 untagged . I don't know how to configure the port in dual mode and I probably have to put the port 47 in untagged and tagged on the same port right? The switch is a fastrion gs 648 p.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: fastiron gs 648p, vlans and dual mode

conf t

vlan 10

no untag e 1/1/47

tag e 1/1/47
vlan 20

tag e 1/1/47
int e 1/1/47
dual 10

hope this helps,

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