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Registered: ‎12-10-2012

fastiron edge 2402 vlan and dlink adsl modem router


I need help regarding my issue to configurr fastiron edge 2402 with multiple vlan and one dlink adsl modem router:

I have 4 vlan for each floor and dlink adsl modem router: vlan1, vlan2 vlan3, vlan4

vlan1 ip address:

vlan2 ip address:

vlan3 ip address:

vlan4 ip address:

dlink adsl modem router ip:

I already did some touch in the switch, by add static route to the dlink adsl router: ip route

and also add static route at dlink adsl router to each vlan ip.

right now, I can ping to the from any vlan, but I can't get access to internet, I try to put the dns isp on some PC, but still can't get through.

any idea how to solve this problem.



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